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Ashley Ranae - posted on 01/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help I don't like my step son and its tearing me and my husband apart I know it sounds horrible and I never thought that one day I would become the evil step mother why do I feel this way


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Roni - posted on 01/19/2014




There's no way for us to know. I would think it's because he is inclined to not like you. You're not his mom, and he loves his mom. That kind of thing. You're an outsider. Step back and regain objectivity. Instead of thinking your feelings are that of an evil stepmonster... think of it the way you would a niece or nephew who you might not see very often. You care about them, you want to love the heck out of them, but they are bigger every year and sometimes they're quite bratty. They're still family, and they're just kids. Your stepson is your responsibility too. #1 Don't share that information with your husband, exactly. Let him know you are having a problem relating to the child, but don't tell him you don't like his kid. That's just a mean thing to say. Find just a couple things you have in common. Have a slurpee together, or maybe you both like checkers, or smoothies. There's something stupid you both like that you can share. Maybe it's something the three of you like. Maybe movie night once a month, a movie of his choice. You'd learn to tolerate better. It's not always easy for people to like other people's kids. And it's not uncommon for kids to hate stepparents. You need to find a support group. Sorry, can't help you there. I'm not a stepparent.

Jodi - posted on 01/19/2014




Well, without know details, no-one can tell you why you feel this way. I think you need to seek some counselling, because right now, this is an issue. You can't possibly expect your husband to accept the way you feel, so you either need to deal with it and find a more positive way to feel about your step son, or you need to do the right thing and leave.

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