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I have been with my guy for a few months now. He has 4 kids and I have none. His 2 year old comes over every other weekend, he is not in daycare he stays at home with his mom all day. His dad has to go get him. I cant ride because he says she is crazy and she wont let him see his son anymore. I guess she expects him to stay single, and miserable the rest if his life. When his son gets to the house he doesn't say anything to me I will say hey and he will just look at me. He doesn't want me to look, touch, or even talk to him or his father, he starts screaming when I do.When we go out to eat he climbs the tables and walls, throws food at other people and so much more. I will tell his father that he needs to stop him and all he would tell him do is stop and get down or that he is going to get the belt but when never pops him or anything. He constantly spoils him and now its really starting to show, he doesn't even talk on the same level as other 2 year olds. His 6 year old will come over EVERY weekend and forget my name or call me his cousin and sometimes his dads ex girlfriend name. He will constantly be all up in my face yelling at me. I am very concerned about my relationship because it seems like his 2 year old doesn't like me and his 6 year old doesn't eve know that we are together. He thinks I'm his cousin!


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/28/2014




Yeah. Slow down. You are not mom, and there's not been a very long relationship here. Seriously, moving in after 6 months? WOW.

That being said, you aren't the spouse. There may be court orders that say he is not allowed to bring anyone else around the kids at these ages. I would keep on him about improving his discipline, but that would be as a service to all, him, the kids, their mother, and those individuals who are subjected to their abysmal behaviour... but really, you don't have a whole lot of say here, nor should you at this point. They don't know you won't leave and uproot their lives again.

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I do stay with him and a lot of times they all go out for the day while I stay at the house. We have been living together for almost 2 months now but been together for 8 and I've been around he kids since we first meet.

Michelle - posted on 04/28/2014




Are you already living with your boyfriend?
I think you are trying to push things too fast. The kids have every right to be wary of a new girlfriend on the scene. If it doesn't work out then they don't want to get hurt again (yes the kids get hurt with people coming in and out of their lives).
I would be taking it slowly and letting your boyfriend have time alone with his children on the weekends. You can see him during the week when the children aren't around.

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