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Hey how are you all . I'm a mum of 5 grown children all left home an a stepmum of 3 amazing stepchildren full time ages 14 male an 12 female an 6 female . We have had care for 3 years an custody for 7mths . At the moment we are having very big issues with miss 12 attatude an disrespect towards us all she's very nasty to get dad an her siblings an towards myself her behavior is worse when she comes back from her mum's an said she will do anything an everthing till she can go live with mum an ohh my dose she what the reason the children are with us are due to domestic volince issues drugs an alchole . I'm finding it hard to deal with how she is towards her sister an myself when it's just us which my hubby works so I'd most days . This morning 2/3/15 she wouldn't go to school cause she stayed up all night as she would not go to sleep when asked to . Dad was at home so witnessed it all . How do you deal with the disrespect an swearing we get jus because we care what we do so it's a good form of disapline so she's thinks twice about doing it again ? She has lost her phone an seems to all b good full she gets it back we have cut down her net usage as well but it dose not seem to change her attatude I understand her feelings in many ways as I want thru similar ways when I was 12 . I love these children so much like my own Mr 14 an miss 6 we have very few problems with please can someone whos a stepmum please help with advice 😊


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You and your husband need to come up with rules and consequences for this behavior. Don't argue with her about her wanting to live with her mom. It's not possible, it's not a discussion End of story. If she wants to argue, ignore her or send her to her room. She must go to school, doesn't matter how late she stayed up. Rules and consequences. Don't give in to her, because then you're teaching her she just needs to keep pushing until you give in.

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