Stepdaughter WILL NOT LISTEN

Kendra - posted on 04/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5 year old refuses to do what I ask , is about to get kicked out of kindergarten and is extremely clingy, it feels like she's literally attached to my side, it's driving me CRAZY! I need to know how to handle this. We have to ask her at least 5 times to do 1 thing. Time out doesn't work spanking doesn't work taking things away doesn't work grounding doesn't work kindness doesn't work bribing doesn't work rewarding doesn't work. I'm perplexed and at my wits end!


Michelle - posted on 04/14/2014




I'm a bit confused, your title says step daughter but you refer to her as yours throughout the post. If she is your SD and is being clingy to you, where is her Mother? Has there been a major upset in her life?
I think we need a bit more.

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