Stepmom of a 9yr old girl

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I'm new to this, so i really don't know where to start from. I'm 22yrs old and I've been with my husband for 5 years. We have no kids of our own except his daughter from his previous relationship. I had a good relationship with my husbands ex. It's almost going to be a year this september since she passed away. She was murdered by her boyfriend right after she dropped of my stepdaughter at my house for the weekend. Ever since I have been depressed and all the drastic changes. My stepdaughter now stays with us for a week and another week with her grandma since grandma is fighting for custody. My stepdaughter doesnt know the ugly truth of how her mom passed away, she thinks she died cause she ate somehing that made her sick. EVERYTIME i see my stepdaughtet she starts looking more and more like her mom and even the way she speaks and expresses her self reminds me of her. I want to be the best i can for her but with eveything that happened i literarly drag myself out of bed to do my house duties. I feel lost since i dont know how to be a mom to her, and ofcourse i dont know her the way her mom did. And i dont want her to get used to my way of doing things cause i feel like shell grow up with a grudge against me. We get along great, and she even sleeps with my husband and i since she was used to sleeping with her mom. :(


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You need some counseling and probably some family therapy as well. The death of a loved one (especially in a tragic way) is something you never fully get over, but you MUST move on and be able to function well for yourself and your family. Please seek some professional help asap for the sake of your entire family.

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