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Sandy - posted on 02/08/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok so this is a tough one but here goes. So my husband has 3 children to a previous relationship and we now have 5 together. Issue we have at the moment is that the mother wants to change their name to her surname cause she illegally enrolled all the kids under her surname and not their legal name so the son who turns 15 this yr is having issues because he wants to join the army. But she is stating in paper work that she wants my husband to sign that he has had minimal contact. Now their breakup was horrible and has been a nightmare for everyone for the last 10 yrs just will her being vindictive and him being mean. But through the whole thing we have always tried to keep kids distanced from the rubbish. She obviously didn't think that was necessary and has tainted their thoughts of their father. its been about 12 months since we last saw them again because she has refused cause of tales. Anyway just after some advice as we all know that she will try to go to court to change the names under these terms and i'd like to add his family has always been a big part of the childrens lives with visits all the time


Sarah - posted on 02/09/2016




Why has your spouse tolerated no seeing his kids all this time? If she denied him access to the kids, take her to court for parental alienation. At 15 the son cannot join the army, so that is a non issue. How on earth was she able to enroll them in school without producing the birth certificates? She committed fraud and at this time the best thing to do is go to the school and have the record amended to match the name on each child's BC. If any child chooses to change their name at 18, then that is their prerogative.


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