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Sue - posted on 08/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Thank you to everyone for making me feel like I am normal again. I got married just over a year ago, to a man that has 3 children that he seen on a part time basis. I married him with a son 11 and a son 17 that I still have living at home with me. As soon as we moved in, which was uprooting my kids from over an hour away, his son decided to come live with his dad, he is 12. He rules our home. We have a very tiny farm about 2600 sf, and he has the entire basement to himself. He has 1300 sf all to himself.... We have 4 people sharing 1300 sf upstairs and a bath that is about 6 x 6. He told his dad about 6 months after we were married, he wanted us gone, that didn't happen so now he does what ever he can to get my kids in trouble, and pushes his dad until we ultimately get into a fight. My oldest son couldn't take it any longer and he moved back to his dads house with my approval. I couldn't blame him, I want to be gone too thanks to this brat. I have tried....believe me. Me and my kids would go to amusement parks, water parks, Mall of America etc, and annual vacations, and this kid has managed to ruin every trip we took by refusing to participate, so my husband feels guilty and sits and plays his pity party. I told my husband I wont take him on another vacation again. My husband tries to correct him, but when he does, he goes and does something that he knows is forbidden, to get back at his dad. Like driving the old pickup around, using the chain saw, burning field grass, etc. Not little things, but things no 12 year old should be even close to. But this is what he does to get my husbands temper up, as he knows it will ultimately end up with us in a fight as my husband is SO MAD at him, and takes it out on me. He is beyond selfish, and wont share anything with anyone. When we moved in he had two quads, so I bought my boys one, thinking then we had 3. Nope, he would hide the key so NO ONE could ride it. His dad got on his about this, but nothing changed, so I ended up buying two more quads. (I have 2 grown daughters that come out with their boyfiends as well on occasion). KARMA got him, as both of his broke down, and then I still had three. I told my husband maybe he should of shared when we moved in, but since he didnt, hes not allowed on mine as well, so he can see how it feels to watch, and not ride like my kids had to. I make dinner, he wont eat it so his dad has to make another meal for him. Its so out of control, that I am giving in. My son that is still with me wants it to end, and be done with his game. I have tried to talk to my husband, on many occasions, then he got defensive and now he tries to find fault in anything my son does....its a battle that has no end.....


Raye - posted on 08/14/2015




You and your husband need to be on the same page with parenting ALL the kids. And both need to be consistent with consequences. Obviously this boy is being allowed to get away with too much. Family counseling might be a way to go and/or parenting classes. It is difficult blending so many personality types into one family, but the parents need to be parents and have the kids conform to the rules so everyone can get along as best they can.

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