Stepson is a manipulative jerk, attention seeking, asshole

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I have a 10 year old stepson who is constantly sniffling as loud as possible when he is not getting attention. He is rude and always acts like he is 5 years old. He wont blow his nose unless we stand there and wait. Anytime we talk about other kids or other people he starts making noises or cuts us off and redirect us to him, even when he isn't in the room. His bio mother took him to a pysch when we were deployed and said he has adhd and is depressed. She constantly gives him pills for ANYthing. Example, When we have him he doesn't take sleeping pills but with her he does. She calls us yellimg sayhe is having a breakdown and the ss is on speaker calm. She is an issue we know but what can we do? He focuses on what he wants, and hacks into computers, sneaks around, and play video games . When he disrespects adults his excuse is adhd. Other kids with adhd dont act as sneaky as he does. I hate it. Its embarrasing bc hubby and I are so caring and ppl cant believe he is our kid. I'm pregnant now and his stuff undet his breathe about my new baby is going to be the devil. I want to punch his face. His mother plays the victim role bc she is mad he is remarried and we are having a baby and then his son does it. Whatever the doc thinks is going on our ss will come home and start acting even worse. Whatever he hears he starts to do. He is obsessed with any medical diagnosis. We do everythimg with him. He refuses to play with kids his age out side. He will throw a fit like he is crazy. Please tell me I'm not alone.


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I feel like we are dealing with the same little boy.... My 11 yr old Ss is the EXACT same way. He's also been known to hurt small animals, destroy household items when he has a fit and has a TV/video/screen addition like the most steadfast of drug addicts. I feel sorry for him because he too grew up with a warped mother, and I believe her influence has caused him to be like this. We have him in counseling at least, but I'm not certain it's helping. They also said he had ADHD but the medication turned him totally nasty and violent.
Women who have not been there and I've had to feel guilt and also the fear at times of living with a child like this don't understand how yes, it is very easy to cLl them assholes and jerks. My stepson is one of the most manipulative people I've met in my life . That's Novo blow insult that's me speaking my truth and describing what I have experienced and witnessed and I'm blown away because it is a child who at only 8 years old showed us a cunning manipulative skill that up until now we've only seen portrayed in movies. If you never experienced what it's like having a stepchild who acts like this then you can never understand . Kudos to Nicky for taking a child in that she didn't give birth to and is trying to show motherly love. But I get it Nicky it's like you try and try and try But the behavior only gets worse. I feel like the more love, care and concern I show him, the more agitated and distant my SS gets. I've even told my husband that I am unwilling to even get pregnant and have a child while he is still living with us. I can't trust that he won't hurt the baby.

Keep you chin up, Nicky. I understand completely. And it sucks and yeah, call a spade a spade, the kids acting like an asshole. He's manipulating. He acts like a jerk. The women who have been where you are understand.

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Good luck sweetheart... been there ... done that ... it's the parent's fault for letting the kid get away with it for so long and not correcting them. It's called manners and respect and they are taught by the parents. My only advice is to talk it out with you spouse And tell him how to truly feel because blended families aren't easy and kids are The number 1 reason why they don't last.

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Wow. You are talking about a 10 year old child who clearly just needs his father in his life. You are calling a 10 year old a manipulative jerk? An attention seeking asshole? WTF? HE IS TEN YEARS OLD. He is a little boy! If this is how you talk about him, maybe you should do him a favour and stay out of his life. That's an absolutely horrible way to talk about a child. All you are worried is about how it looks for YOU? I'm sorry, but the way you are talking about this child is disgusting. Of course he needs attention, his father was deployed and wasn't around for how long? Honestly, your partner needs to step up and take some responsibility, and I hope he has told you where to go with the way you are name calling his child. You have no right to talk about a child that you are supposed to care about in that way.

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{{Stepson is a manipulative jerk, attention seeking, asshole}}

I can not believe an adult would refer to a child this way. It is not right no matter how well behaved or misbehaved a child is.

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Good grief. I do so love step mothers who so obviously hate their step kids.
No wonder the kids act out!

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Jodi has said it all. YOU have no right to be calling a child those names.
Maybe you need to do him a favour and let him have time with his Dad, he doesn't need someone around him that doesn't love him and want to find solutions to his behaviour. He doesn't need someone who is so heartless that she calls a 10yo an attention seeking asshole. That should be reserved for adults.

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I totaly agree with Jodi! And saying you feel like punching him in his face is just horrible!

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