Stepson testing me as step mom

Priscilla - posted on 08/12/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




He's 7 and is treated like a baby. He baby talks a lot and gets way too many chances when not listening. Not even my 4 year old get more than 2 chances to straighten up. When I try to discipline him, he will totally ignore me. When I repeat myself, he acts like he didn't hear me the first time. Tonight he kept ignoring what his dad was asking him to do. I eventually got tired of it and I firmly told him to get in the shower now!! Because he was going to bed early. He crying so hard and his dad went after him. Now he wants to talk to his mom and his dad is allowing him to call her. I don't think it's right. This is our home. Our rules and his mother has nothing to do w the situations that go on here. This is just going to cause conflict. What do you ladies think?...


Lynn - posted on 08/13/2015




Hi Priscilla. I can somewhat relate, I am in a 'newish' (just over a year), relationship and my 8 year old is constantly testing boundaries too. Like he is trying to make a mark. Sometimes the kids feel they are being replaced. I am not sure if this is a new relationship for you too? My son often say he wants to go to his dad, I refuse. If he wants to call his dad, I let him. However, my ex knows that my little 1 is playing at games and don't give in to the winning and tears. My best advice to you is to have a relationship with his mom if you can. Makes it easier for you as then you can have a direct line to her and chat to her about the boys behaviour. You did nothing wrong by being firm - good on you. He is obviously having a tantrum and knowingly playing at his fathers emotions, totally using the moments. He needs to unlearn the baby behaviour. Good luck!

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