still not walking

Aubrey - posted on 07/18/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Our daughter (16 months) still isn't walking. She will walk a little holding our hands but then after a little while goes all limp noodle and doesn't want to do it anymore so we put her down and let her crawl. She walks around on furniture but there isn't a lot to do that on in our house. I am having baby #3 September 4th(or around that date) and am beginning to wonder if she will be walking before I have this little one. I really hope so because I wont be able to carry her and new baby around together much. Any advice to get her interested in walking?


Katherine - posted on 07/18/2011




It's not that uncommon. Many kids take their time for whatever reason. Let her be as independent as possible and not carry her like Katrina said.
Most kids walk by 18 months so unless she still isn't walking by then just talk to your doctor.

Christy - posted on 07/18/2011




My best friend has a son, now 7 that didn't officially walk until he was 20 months old, he's totally normal. Some kids take longer than others. Wait it out and in the meantime, take her places where she has to "move" to get where she wants to to encourage walking if you can (like a park or near a toy, etc).

If it goes beyond that (18-20 months old), go to a DR to rule out any other possible issues.


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Aubrey - posted on 07/19/2011




thank you all. we have been working on not picking her up as much for the past 2 months now, she still gets very upset when we don't pick her up but with having a big belly at the moment its getting harder no me to hold her and I don't want her to think she can be carried all the time and anywhere she wants. Its hard at time because we live with my in-laws at the moment and she has 2 uncles that still live at home who are younger and pick her up, I have to tell them to not hold her as much.
She is very tiny still, she is 31in tall and only just at 19lbs. She had a cleft palate when she was born so that slowed some things down for her. but we are trying to build up the strength in her legs she is starting to do much better with holding onto one hand instead of two when we walk her around so thats a step forward :)

JuLeah - posted on 07/18/2011




Don't carry her. Ask her to walk and build of her leg strength. Set her toys out so she needs to be standing or walking to reach them. Encourage and support each step.

Erica - posted on 07/18/2011




Dont feel bad my DD 18 months just started walking at 17 months! I stretch out her legs and did some little leg lifts and then helped her get them stronger by asking her to help me pick up some toys!! She picked it up "just like that!" All babies are very very different. Please dont be upset, i was too. especially when i saw other kids around her toddler age! I put shoes on her and it really helped!

Katrina - posted on 07/18/2011




Have you had her checked to rule out a physical problem? If everything is fine there, its probably something she will do when she is ready. I know its not what you want to hear, but... One more question, do you carry her around the house, or do you let her crawl?

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