Still poops his pants

Jen - posted on 06/29/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 7 & has not quite mastered pooping on the potty. He can pee no problem, he can & does every chance he gets - takes a poop outside. In our front yard, at the playground - he doesn't care. He would rather go au natural then use the toilet. We have tried everything - he takes his tablet in there when he does go in there. I tried bribing him, made him wear pull ups all the time, we do the Miralax etc but he would rather just use his pants & not the toilet. He actually likes the smell - which nauseates me. He doesn't have encopersis he's just afraid he might miss out on something. BUT he doesn't realize that he keeps missing out on stuff while being in time out for pooping in his pants. He also throws away his underwear so we won't know he's doing this. We did also have him clean his dirty pants - but nothing bothers him. I'm ready for the nuthouse!


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Sarah - posted on 06/29/2016




I can't imagine he is seeking pleasure from this behavior. If he is not wetting himself as well, could there be a more complex psychological issue in play? Have you discussed this with is pediatrician. If it is a deliberate behavior, then certainly consequences are in order.

Brandye - posted on 06/29/2016




What? Whoop his ass! LOL IMO he is wayyyy too old for that...but maybe you should take stuff from him. He shouldn't have a tablet or anything else and he is purposely shxtting himself. Smh

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