still wearing diaper...

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how do i train my two half-year old lil'boy to stop wearing diaper?


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Melanie - posted on 04/01/2009




Dont put him in them AT ALL... I had my son trained before he his his second B-Day!!...a very good indicator that he has to pee is grabbing/holding/pulling his peepee...Good Luck!... and it is OK for lil boys to sit on the potty ( and a lil easier for mommy to potty train.

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Don't put them on him.  When he is at home...take off the diaper and put on underwear.  Maybe you should get underwear of his favorite character or something...Every 30 minutes (on the nose) take him to the potty.  Most children don't like to have anything wet against their skin.  And it's true what they say...boys usually take longer than girls to potty train.  And he'll need the pull-ups at night.  Put him on the potty just before he goes to bed.

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He is only 2 1/2 boys really do tack a long time don't force the subject he will do it in his own time if your really worried you can start little things like : bye some pull ups and let him try them during the day tack him tot he toilet every 1/2 hour and really prase him when he dose some thing if willl not do anything try tacking him for a shower of a night time let the water run while he sits on the toilet it works so well. also let him go noodie for a day outside time or if your really keen inside it just gets messy ( just so he can see the wee coming out ) books about it are good and last of all let him watch dad wee (that worked the best for me) GOOD LUCK

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keep at it. On my son 2nd birthday his nappies went to his sister room and never seen them again it was hard to start with but we stuck with it. Once you start you need to keep going putting them back into nappies makes the process last so much longer. from the age of 20months we sat on the potty every nappy change. To get him used to the idea. i set a date in my head an then that was it bye nappies and hello undies. We had pull ups only when we went out off the house while at home,friends and family we had undies on. Good luck . My son took 1 month to toilet train an he has only wet the bed twice he is now 3.

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If there is someone your son looks up to more than anyone else (besides you) ask them to take him shopping for underware. Make it a huge event, so the underware are EXTRA special!! The underware will be important to him, and they will have come from someone very important, so he may be less likely to wet them. We also used Cheerio's in the toilet for him to aim at, then it was a game. Another incentive would be to offer some sort of treat each time he sits on the toilet (wether he goes or not), with my son I gave him animal crackers, my cousin uses jelly beans! I also recommend pull-ups at night for awhile. Good luck!

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Good question. Some children aren't ready for potty training until later. I've heard that little boys can take longer than little girls too.

What we did with our two (boy and girl) was to just let them play around the house in their pajama pants (no diaper and no underwear). When they would pee the pants would get all wet and uncomfortable - they hated the way it felt. I made sure there was also a potty in the main room where they were playing (always). That way, they could see the potty and they could run over to it when they had to use it.

The best way to get him into underwear (in my opinion) is to just do it.

Night time is different though... he will probably still need a diaper/pull-up during the nights for awhile.

Best of luck to you!

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