stimulating educational games!!????

Alannah - posted on 04/26/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son turned two this month, he is very bright and I want to continue to help him and his eagerness to learn further, some examples of his intelligence are, knowing his ABC's back to front perfectly. He can count to 15, he can also count objects and separate them into number groups such as two in one pile and four in another and can rehearse to me that there are two blocks in that pile etc. He can count backwards from five, he is working on spelling his own name atm and he is trying to get the hang of reading his favorite numbers learning book. He knows most of his colours and can identify them,.his speech is incredibly clear, he can talk in complete sentences such as, "mummy are we going to the shops?" He can also say some very tricky words very clearly such as elephant, strawberries, tractor, light switch etc. He knows how to unlock my phone, go into my contact list and can call nanny daddy aunt Meg etc. He can operate the Tv and change between channels to get onto his favorite cartoons. He's really good at painting and drawing aswell. I just really want to help him continue to learn through play and fun activities we can do together at home. He will start daycare next month going once a day but I'd still love to hear of any ideas, advice or opinions other mums have? Thank-you xxxx

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