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My husband and I have noticed recently that my little boy is occasionally. We bathe him nearly every day (only gets a pass on the weekend) and is potty trained. We have emphasized wiping in hopes that this would improve the situation. I really can't tell if it's his breath, his body, or what that is stinky. It makes me worry that it might be something of a more serious nature that I haven't thought of. Any suggestions from anyone OR have you experienced this? Thanks all!


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What, specifically, does he smell like? Some disorders can cause very specific odors - most of them are metabolic. All urea cycle disorders cause the child to smell like urine through the skin and bathing does not help. It's the skin, ear wax, breath, etc. MSUD causes the child to smell like maple syrup, mostly their urine. Diabetes causes children to smell very sweet. The easiest way to tell is to go to the doctor, have an amino acid panel and metabolic panel run, and see what it looks like.

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We bath every day and we still think it can be a problem by the end of the day. (when we normally shower/bathe) However, I do know that it CAN be a thyroid problem that some have and it could be just a part of being human.


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my daughter has been too. my husband called her pigpen for a while. I asked a friend and she claims they have a stinky phase around 4 when they wipe, but do it fast and lazy because they want to play. also, they sweat a lot, i guess. My daughter got a deoderant crystal from the health food store because the little lady was stinky! it's only bad in the summer now, but i know what you mean! I was like....what did you do to smell and what IS that smell? to me it just seemed like body yuckies. didn't really smell like urine, not really like pure stinky pits.....i couldn't place it. And she smelled just seemed like skin....even on her forehead! I also have a baking soda soap - seems to help neutralize her stinkies. I know mine's not breath, but for adults, i know to drink some chlorophyll in water [tastes like spearmint gum kinda]. gets rid of bad breath. Good luck.

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