Stopped sleeping through the night at 6 months

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We were very blessed Rita started sleeping through the night at about two months, suddenly, two days before being six months old, she has decided to wake up every two hours on the dot!
She is breast-fed exclusively when I am home, (3 days a week) but when I am working my mother babysits and she has breast milk with some rice cereal. (our pediatrician just suggested we start this about a week ago)
Do you think she is starting to wake up because she's hungry? Or do you think we are just spoiling her and starting bad sleep habits?
We are not attached to any specific parenting style, we are trying to figure this whole "new parent" thing out! She does fall asleep breast-feeding then we place her in her crib because we are petrified of smothering our baby during cosleeping as we are both very heavy sleepers!!
Thank you an advance for any and all help/ advice!


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Also, babies under a year are going to change sleep habits too in addition to the first poster's words here. They do not have the capacity to sleep all night long like an older child or an adult would. Her sleep could change a lot between now and 18 months.

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I may not be the best to advise on this situation because both my kids were poor night sleepers until they were about 18 months - but just a thought - 6 months is a common time for a growth spurt so it's possible she is waking up hungry.
It's also possible if you recently changed her diet (adding the cereal) she could be waking up gassy - possibly she has an allergy to the rice cereal - maybe try different ones (like oat or quinoa).
Also, how long ago did you start back at work? Maybe the change is affecting her sleep?
Hang in there - it might go away as quickly as it started - just keep up with the same routine that helped her get into her good sleep habits. :)


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