Stories/Tips for Vacationing with Busy 18 Month Old?

Krystle - posted on 01/07/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've never traveled with my son (18 months) before but we (my husband, son and I) will be going to an All-Inclusive in Mexico (Riviera Maya) for 2 weeks soon and I don't know what to expect.

Any stories, tips, tricks you can share would be great!

I'm especially unclear about:

1) What can my husband and I do when he naps/ goes to sleep? (What I mean, is can we take a baby monitor and walk/ lounge about outside the building?)

2) How many diapers should I pack (note: at home I use cloth diapers, so I don't know how many disposables to pack). How many swim diapers?

3) Tips for the 6 hour flight?

Any other tips?

Thank you!


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Louise - posted on 01/08/2011




I took my daughter on a 5 hour flight and the best advice I can give you is buy a seat for your toddler. I took a car seat that was specified by the airline and I did not have a problem at all. My daughter fell asleep and had a meal all in her chair and we walked her up and down the plane half way through the flight. This ment that I had my lap free to eat and go to the loo without juggling baby. The mums who had not paid for a seat could not eat and their children wanted to get up and down every 10 minutes as they just slid off their mums lap. It was worth every penny. I also took toddler magazines and favourite toy and a small blanket. On take off and landing I gave her her dummy to help with the air pressure. I did take my monitors as we went self cattering and we sat out in the garden or next to the pool which was 15 feet away from our front door. I never left her unattended and I had full view of the door at all time. I packed an entire pack of nappies and I am glad I did as the cost of nappies over there was astronomical. I also took a pack of swim nappies but I did not use many as she only really got wet twice a day if that. Luckily her nap time was at lunch time which is the hottest part of the day so we always planned to be back at the apartment for that. We would sun bathe on the verander with the monitor on. In the evenings when she had gone to bed we played board games down loaded from an I-phone and drank our way through a local wine selection sat on the veranda. I would never consider leaving my child and going into the bars I would never forgive myself if something happened to her. That is just me i suppose.

JuLeah - posted on 01/07/2011




Snacks and small toys he will like (small easy to pack and many of them) you give him one at a time and trade them out often.
Lots of water
Disposables can last a few hours longer then cloth
A couple of swim diapers for each time you hit the water
While he naps, I'd not be further away then the next room with the door ajar
Give him something to suck on for take off and landing (ears)
Try hard to keep him sleeping at his normal time - even if it means sleeping in your arms - he can sleep in his car seat on the flight
Make sure he has enough time to run and get the wiggles out - new foods might upset his tummy, so pack foods he likes and will eat well
Relax, let go of expectations, stay calm, remember that not much is a big deal and have fun

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