Strange toes and question his development

Kim - posted on 02/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My child was born with both index toes sticking straight up. I have also noticed that he either is lazy or just slow in his development. He is 16 months old now. He has never held his own bottle and at a year old I took the bottle away from him to teach him to drink out of a small cup (not a sippy cup because i don't believe in them). As I was teaching him to drink out of a cup, I had a hard time getting him to pick up his cup. He is gonna be 17 months soon and always seems like he wants me to hold the cup for him to drink out of. He does not feed himself at all. When dressing him he doesn't help lift his legs to put on socks, pants or shoes. Doesn't even help put arms in the sleeves of his shirts. He does not show any emotion at all. Never gives hugs or kisses, never snuggles with me but always wants to be rocked during the day and at night when he wants to sleep. When he is hurt he covers his ears and pulls his hair. He goes to daycare every day and his daycare provider notices the same issues. She has also stated my child doesn't interact at with the others his age, but does interact with the 5 to 9 month old babies the provider cares for. Never waves good bye or gives me hugs and kisses when dropping him off at daycare.

Also I am wondering about his digestive system...He ALWAYS, ALWAYS has hard poop to the point I have tor daycare provider has dig him out, pretty much every day. He is also fed a high in fiber diet, drinks lots of water and prune juice but still has hard poop.

He is also very bad at listening to directions or follow instructions. When told to pick up a toy for example, I have to repeat myself 6-8 times before he picks it up or doesn't pick it up at all. Or about 5 minutes later picks it up. I know it isn't his hearing cause he has been tested. My daycare provider tried a game including him with the others his age. She would line them while sitting and roll a ball back and forth to each and every child. She states that when she gets to my child he either leaves the group or sits and doesn't roll the ball back.

He doesn't speak much...once in awhile momma will come out and today I heard him say A-oh.

He pulls his hair out when he gets hurt or tired too.

Is he being lazy or is it something else? Is this something that needs some attention? Or should I just over look it. Anything info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Sarah - posted on 02/15/2013




I would have an evaluation done. There does sound like some developmental delays. I would not say lazy. I would talk with your doc. If you are in the US I would also talk with AEA (area education agency) you can get ahold of them through your local school. They will do an evaluation on many different levels, speech, hearing, fine motor, gross motor, vision, and many other things. This is all free. If they find areas where he is delayed in they will set you up with therapy and other resourse (also free) to help with his delays. The sooner the better as the early they start these things that easier it is for them to learn and progress. Also if something does not sound right get a second opinion or even a third. I had one little boy that I watched that had some speech and learning delays. The parents had his hearing tested by a specialist and they said hearing was good. He is now in kindergarden and has just gotten hearing aids. So sometimes even if it is a specialist they still may not be right in their diagnosis.

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