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Denise - posted on 02/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Should I still have my child care provider come to care for my 6 month old twins? They have strep and have not started their antibiotic. She does care for other infants and newborn babies on other days. I feel her loyalty should be to me as we are contracted for 15 hours per week.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/18/2015




Actually, that decision is up to her. HER HEALTH as a caregiver for more than your children takes priority, not your kids.

Strep is highly contagious. If you've gotten the antibiotics, the general rule is after 2 doses they can be considered 'safe'...but that was the rule when my kids were babies. It may be after 3 or more doses now.

I just did some math, and if she sits with your kids for 15 hours/week, round that to 5 hours/day for 3 days...that leaves at least 25 hours (of a regular 40 hour work week, more if she's pulling more than 40 hours out of a week) that means that to HER, you are the minority, the rest of her week is the majority of her I would say that your sense that you should be her first priority is a can I put this nicely...Selfish?

Your kids are sick. Stay home with them until they're not contagious. That's parenting. Sitters, professional or otherwise, do not appreciate people foisting off sick children on them, regardless of how well those parents may pay. As a guideline, when I was a caregiver, if a child had a contagious condition, I would not take them until they were over 24 hours on antibiotics. Sometimes 48, depending on the condition.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/18/2015




I would leave that decision up to her. If she wants to be exposed to strep throat, that is her choice. She is not a medical professional that gets paid to diagnose and be exposed to illness.

Just imagine, she gets strep throat and cannot take care of your children due to her illness, that she got from your kids. Also, she spreads it to every other household and child she comes in contact with. You don't OWN this women, she provides a child care service to you in exchange for money.

Strep is contagious. I am hoping you just got the medication today and that is why you have not started the antibiotics??? Start it asap, and keep it regulated for the antibiotics to work properly. You can certainly call your doctors office and find out how long your kids are contagious AFTER starting the antibiotics so your childcare provider can be exposed.

Personally, if I was your child care provider, and I was put in your situation, I would no longer work for you. I would never know what you were exposing me, and all of the other children and infants I take care of, to. How fair is that? Please don't be selfish and think of more than just your work needs.

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