Stressed!! 19 y/o daughter causing problems!!

Maira - posted on 05/23/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 19 years old, and was a freshman in college this past year. Her first semester she struggled with her grades a LOT but never told me or her father that she struggled. Instead, whenever we asked how school was, she lied and said everything was going great. When she came back for winter break we were SHOCKED to find that she had dropped a class, and had two Ds and two Bs. After a lot of groveling and pleading on her part, saying that she will "change", she went back to school. She came back at the end of the semester and had two Cs, and two Bs. Now, this is an improvement, but she had promised As and Bs ONLY. That was the condition of her returning to school. She also lied about her housing and tried to hide that she got a concussion towards the end of the semester. I feel that she is extremely immature in her decisions, and that the major she has picked out is too difficult for her. She refuses this thought, and is hellbent on going back to the original school. Meanwhile, my husband accepted a job overseas and we are moving there at the end of the summer. I have four kids, and he is already overseas- leaving me to do house renovations by myself. My eldest child who is disabled is also struggling in school. In the end, I was so angry that I kicked my 19 y/o out of the house because of her constant lying to my face, disrespect, rudeness, and laziness and procrastination. What should I do? I won't be in the country to support her or my eldest, and her father does not want to pay for any schooling. She wants to stay in the US and go to community college for a semester, and then go back to school to prove she can do well. Any suggestions? I am running out of energy and I am incredibly stressed. No matter what I do, I feel like she doesn't respect me or listen to anything I say, and she keeps lying. She claims its because I get upset, but I am only upset when she is in the wrong and am fully supportive otherwise! Please help!

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