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I am a mom of a little girl was sexualy assaulted at school in 2012 and they only fired the principle , guess what now she has been at two schools since thecalled there self giving her 2:00 girl time. with princpal last year, however we have been trying move past this because the tried to ack like nothing happened but she and my other children are be suspended every week since we moved to this newer school this year last year I used my aunts address to put her in a better school this year has been hell and I think it has something to do with the 2012 school year mind u my children have never even been to issue before this school year there is so much more..OMG worried about my children

She also had 2:00 girl time in the beginning at this school until I said something now they get suspension every week


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A bit confusing here.

What I'm getting is that your daughter was sexually assaulted at school. Not sure what firing the principal would have to do with that, unless he was the predator, and she the victim, but this is not about that school.

Since this time, you've had your daughter and other children at a different school, where they are having behavioural issues and continuing suspensions, and you think its related? Is that your question? Not sure what 2:00 girl time is.

Yes, your daughter may be having assault related problems, and should be in counseling to help her handle her situation and move forward, however, that is HER personal issue, not for the rest of your kids. If ALL of your kids are continually being suspended, perhaps it's time to figure out why none of your kids wants to follow school rules and finish their education, and apply some consequences for continually refusing to do so.

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