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Christine - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I do not understand what it is about me that makes certain people feel they can treat me like dirt. I do relize i made a lot of mistakes, did some dumb stuff and treated people like shit when i was YOUNGER and stupid and irresponsible but i feel that i g=have made up for it by now and im not the same person who i was back then. I have very few regrets tho because its my past that got me where i am now. i am doing my very best nowadays. i am a good mother, try to be a good wife, and person in general and am working part time to help support the family even while trying to manage a high risk pregnancy and im studying for my GED so i can better my self and do better for my family. sometimes i get stressed, sometimes i get depressed, sometimes i get so exhausted i dont no how i will make it thru, but i do it becasue that is just how life is sometimes. sometimes it would be nice to have some support and understanding from those who r supposed to be closest to me instead of constantly having someone on my back. just saying. sorry about the book i wrote, had to vent before my head explodes.. :(


Vicki - posted on 09/21/2012




I understand where your coming from! I think we all can say we've done stupid things, but your right that those stupid things is what makes one more wise! Sounds like your doing some pretty positive things with your life now, good for you! maybe focus on those things instead of whats making you depressed stressed and exhausted, sometimes we are left feeling that way do to us giving our power away. As for you feeling like people treat you like dirt, this is part of giving your power away, take it back its not theirs to have. Set bounderies for yourself you deserve to be treated with respect be around people who do dont waste your time on those who dont!

Chin up! :)

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