Stretchmarks and flabby skin

Jeanette - posted on 04/06/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Hello everyone!

I didn't get stretchmarks until I was 9 months pregnant. They arent horrible, but you can for sure see them. I am now self conscious and would like to eliminate the look of them. What is the best method of reducing or completley getting rid of the look of them? Any opinions? Also flabby skin on the belly. Whats the best way to tone the stomach..Please ladies:D

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Candice - posted on 10/11/2011




Go tanning! MAkes a big difference on the stretch marks and use and exfoliating body puff, the more dead skin you take away - the more new skin there will be!

Tyrae - posted on 01/02/2011




I've heard that exfoliating the skin where the stretch marks can help make them dissappear, it promotes blood flow and new skin growth. For the flabby skin I would do a good diet, lots of crunches and some cardio work. The flab is not from having loose skin its from having fat still between it and the muscles stopping it from going back to its previous state. If you really don't like your stretch marks though I do know that there are surgeries you can go for to get them removed. I do not know how much it costs (mine don't bug me that much so I have just been exfoliating, I see mine as marks of being a mother, and my c-section scar is my "battle wound" lol )

Natalie - posted on 01/02/2011




You cannot just tone you tummy - you need to tone your entire body. Diet, Diet, Diet.... now apart from exercise, diet is really important. If anyone out there wants to lose weight I have a few secrets of my own. 1. Portion control. 2. Cut out all carbs, and I mean all of them, fruit, crap food, potatoes, rice, bread. EAT a small portion of meat 'your palm size' and lots of veges 'mostly greens like broccoli'. 3. Eat 5 of these 'small' meals a day. 4. Eat a handful of 'RAW' nuts per day like 'walnuts' 5. Drink lots and 'only' water - 'Green tea helps with weightloss...
If you want a quick weightloss look up 'low carb metabolic drive' - these are 'meal replacement shakes' - you can do the extreme only drink shakes up to 5 times per day for a few weeks - or you can do a couple of 'vege and meat meals' and the rest shakes.
6. TAKE FISH OIL TABLETS this helps with your brain, skin, any inflammatory, and weight loss.

BE CAREFUL LADIES with doing sit ups after pregnancy if you have any ab separation you could be doing more damage than good and will end up with a bludge around your belly button for life! Be sure to research 'ab separation exercises' there is one that I do which is like a half ab crunch but using a towel behind your back to assist you when crunching up - this is because your ab walls are weak and it helps your back also.

Other than the diet, cardio, join a gym and get a person to give you a program and fully be shown through it - once your diet is underway, and your arms, legs and back are getting stronger so will your 'abdominal area'.

I promise you, you don't need to go on weight watchers or any other expensive program. Follow these guidelines and you will benefit from it.

Me pregnancy 1. Weighed 58kgs pre - weighed 65kgs post - took 8 months to lose 6kgs. Weighed 59kgs pre pregnancy 2 - weighed 71kgs post! and lost 11kgs -

But I worked for it - you need to take some time out for yourself and tell your partner or whoever that you need support on this diet and for them not to flash food etc in your face. Good Luck!

Kristin - posted on 04/06/2010




Eat healthy foods, portion control, get some exercise, lots of water; same stuff you would do to lose weight in general. I have heard that those support bands can help with the underlying musculature early on. Pilates can help pull your core back into shape.

The marks are so dictated by genetics it's annoying. You can fade them with things like mederma or Bio-oil. Talk to your doctor about this stuff though.

Ronda - posted on 04/06/2010




basic sit ups and crunches for the flabby skin but i really couldn't tell you about the stretch marks because i'm still attempting to get rid of mine! and my daughters 9 months old!!

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Susan - posted on 01/02/2011




i used cocoa butter it was great n i was told to wear a gridle all th time..

Alison - posted on 04/06/2010




How old is your baby??? Stretchmarks never totally disappear, but with time they really do become less noticeable. Drink lots of water and moisturize. And give yourself a break.

Bobie - posted on 04/06/2010




i am one of d lucky ones who didnt get a single stretchmark during/after pregnancy.i dont know if it was d cocoa butter, or just d genes n d family,that helped. i guess u jst have 2 lubricate/moisturize ur skin.

as for my belly,it is still kinda big (i dont have really that much of a skin flab) but it is a little saggy.i just do some crunches or leg lifts whenever im lying down. sometimes when we go for walks,i would laso try breathing exercises (stressing the exhaling part by working your abdominals and holding it in while you breathe) it will help tone up d tummy.but i guess u have to do it religiously for it to really work.

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well for some women they can get rid of stretch marks but as my Dr told me some tipes of skin are just prone to getting them( got them when i was younger on my hips and soem on by brests even befor i was ever pregnant and skiny too~) so i ddint even bather to try much to get rid of them. i just kept my belly well lotioned.
Im still trying to get rid of my bellyfat(tho no luck) i had two csections and my lower part of my belly(right above the insition) fell in te last month of my second pregnancy. and i have no idea how to get that back in to shape.. tho only thing i see that might work now is some surgical part. =/

Jen - posted on 04/06/2010




theres not much u can do about stretch marks there for good im afraid bio oil will reduce the colour but they will never go away tootally. n for flabby skin sits up n crunches good balanced diet running etc

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