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Melissa - posted on 04/22/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




So I'm 38 weeks and I've been pretty desperate to get this baby out. I'm set to be induced this next coming Wednesday but I really want to be able to go into labor on my own. I was induced with my last at 37 1/2 weeks because of a diseased gallbladder and it was a horrible experience. I ended of getting a fever, and an infection in my uterus and the placenta abrupted. When I went in to be induced nothing had started to change on my cervix and I most definitely was not dilated. This time though I am now 3cm dilated and about 75% effaced. I've been trying everything to get labor going. Eating pineapple, sex, spicy food, acupressure...I'll get a couple contractions and then nothing. So yesterday when I went in to get checked she stripped my membranes and I thought for sure we were going to be making a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night because of the horrible cramping and contractions but I'm still at home this am. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this done and if it has worked for them. I know it doesn't work for everyone and it might take a little time to work...I'm just anxious!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!


Michelle - posted on 04/23/2009




worked for me but was my fifth bub and i was almost 39 weeks and already 2 cms dilated...dr did it about 5 in the arvo, was in labour by 11 that night...just depends on whether or not everything else is ready to go, i guess...good luck!


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Ashley - posted on 04/23/2009




After my doctor stripped my membranes she told me labor may begin 24 hours later, but if it didn't and I wanted to get things going I could take a tablespoon of castor oil. 24 hours later nothing was happening so I took some castor oil and my contractions started about 2 hours later and my water broke about an hour after that. You can get it at a natural foods store and all you need is a tablespoon. But make sure you are near a bathroom for a while afterwards because it definitely "cleans you out" if you know what I mean. Good luck!

Jodie - posted on 04/22/2009




take a nice long walk up hill and down hill and just all around i went for a really long walk thursday nite and was out shopping all day friday while having contractions then i was in the hospital in labor friday nite so i suggest a nice long walk

Emily - posted on 04/22/2009




It worked for my mother with one of her babies. Personally, I believe that under most circumstances the risks outweigh the benefits. It doesn't work if your body isn't ready to go into labor and at 38 weeks some women just aren't ready.

Kerry - posted on 04/22/2009




I havent had this done personally but my friend did as she was 2cm for more than 3 weeks and going no further! she said that she had the worst cramps and contractions evr and was in agony - but still no baby. The next day she went out shopping for the day and did lots of walking - that night she went into labour - so who knows!! Good luck to you! Kerry,

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