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Tanja - posted on 10/12/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

I joined this forum because I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with my 2.5 year old these days. He's always been very independent with a strong will but now that he's nearing preschool age I worry that this is going to turn into a problem. I've always been home with him and I've made sure he has some interaction with other kids but he always just does his own thing. I just joined a Gymboree preschool transition class with him where the kids do all sorts of games, activities, songs, etc together with the teacher but I feel like he's totally behind compared to other kids. He doesn't participate unless it's something he totally loves (bubbles for example) and just runs around and plays and does his own thing. Doesn't follow directions well at all. There's nothing I can say or do to get him excited and make him want to join in. Or he'll throw stuff that the other kids are sorting nicely. We might as well play at home and save the money. There are kids younger than him that totally fit into this preschool type setting. He'll start preschool next year but I'm already worried that he'll be the difficult kid. I feel frustrated and almost dread taking him to classes or playdates. It seems like everyone else has a ton of fun there with their little one but me. Have any of you had a similar thing with their kid?



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I agree with Dove and thersa. At this point, totally normal behavior.

Therese - posted on 10/13/2016




He's still quite young. Continue with your activities at home and also a couple sessions at Gymboree pre-school.

Children develop and respond differently, but they do relate and play with each other so don't be too worried that he doesn't seem to be 'Mr. Amity". This may simply be his personality but it doesn't mean that he won't fit in very well in pre-school.

Monitor him and it might be a consideration to defer his entry in to school for another year or half-year. Enjoy him and give him lots of love.

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