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Lea - posted on 01/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




ok here it is... I'm 24. have been married for 5 years. don't work. don't drive. have a 18 month old. my husband works second shift, 58 hours and 7 days a week. I feel like the only way I ever have someone to talk to is on through technology. If I do have any fiends, they are the type that only come around when they need you. ok so now here's my questions... what do I do to keep myself from going crazy and losing my mind? I feel like every day is the same. never changes! I just feel stuck sometimes. My husband and I really never get to spend time together and when we do I cant seem to get out of mommy mode. I know I turn him on, but for some reason its hard for me to enjoy myself. My mind is constantly thinking about something. Even when we are having sex, I just cant get into it like I used to and stay focused. I just have this feeling and mood like "what's the point." How do I start to feel like myself again? I want to be that sexy, happy wife and happy go lucky mom all at the same time... but right now I'm the lonely, unhappy wife and same as always mom. I take care of my husband and daughter 24-7! I love them both more then anything and I know they love me, but I feel lost anymore. anyone who knows how I feel or has ever felt like this please help. I could use a pick me up and some good advice!!! Oh my name is lea by the way~


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Hi Lea,

My name is Andrea, I am 27 years old been married 5 years. I have 3 wonderful kids, Oldest is a boy who is 6 years old, Middle is a girl who is almost 5 Youngest is a boy who just turned 1..
I can relate 100% I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years. With many difficult times. In the first year of out marriage my Husbands mom got cancer we found out our daughter had a birth defect { Gastroschisis}, After our daughter was born my hubby and I spent 6 weeks away from each other as my oldest son and I stayed in the hospital. My mom went to help me with my son, then his mom passed when our son had just turned 2 and our daughter was just shy of 6 months. The last year we welcomed our newest buddle.. Sorry just a little background.
I have good days and bad days.. I find Nap time is my time, I do something just for me that isn't related to the house, hubby or kids. It is a little easier now that my oldest is in school all day 5 days a week and our middle goes 2 day a week. I don't like to drive but will if I have no other choice. When it is nice out I love to take the kids outside to play, go for walks, take then to explore something new.
Finding part of the old me well that has been some what of a work in progress. Having the oldest 2 only 17 months apart kind of put a big stress on me but I just keep trying to do a little more for me and about me, Like going to get my hair done, taking a bubble bath and just relaxing. I am always thinking of what I could be getting done instead of what ever we are doing.. Yes sounds bad but as a stay at home mom you just kind of learn to roll with it. That and I also find that getting away just me and my hubby is very very helpful, I get down time from the kids and can reconnect with the hubby..
If you ever just want to chit chat please feel free to look me up..
Best wishes and take care...

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