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My husband and 8 are having problems he makes me miserable he doesn't help with house work he calls me named in front of our two boys and I've had I ask him to leave on many occasions and tonight I finally got him to leave I'm fed up and feel I'm better off on my own but I'm at a loss now what how long do I make him stay gone? I'm not sure if it's able to be saved anymore I love him but not sure if I'm in love anymore we haven't been intimatein months we went out just the 2 of us and I had to tell him more then once to put down his phone I don't think he's cheating on me or anything but I feel like we have Fallin out I'm so confused


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Michelle - posted on 12/17/2014




Do you really want to be with someone who treats you like that?
I urge you to read what you have written but as if you are reading what someone else has written it. Why would your advice be to her?
I agree with Jodi that if he doesn't want to seek counselling to try and repair your marriage then you need to move on. No man should be "showing his love" by calling you names and making you miserable. You deserve to be treated with respect and as an equal.

Jodi - posted on 12/16/2014




I think you need to make it clear to him that this is not a matter of "how long" he stays gone, but is he willing to repair and work on the relationship before you even consider him ever coming back. If you believe you want to save your marriage, get him to agree to some counselling together. If he can't agree to that, then nothing is going to change.

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