Stubborn fever returns after round of antibiotics.Advice for a worried mom?

Kalie - posted on 08/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello Everyone,

I have a sick little boy again. I am such a worrier when it comes to my kids. I'm sure some of you are too. It's like this...

My son is a 35 pound 2 year old toddler who has a extremely high endurance for pain. (Jumps off couchs and falls on his face and gets up laughing etc.) Two weeks ago, I discovered his eczema on his leg had become infected. I took him to see a nurse and she gave him a round of antibiotics. The run was ten days.

We finished the round, and lastnight four days after the last dose. He had a fever again. It wasn't high and didn't bother him. He was a busy as ever. He woke this morning fine but again this afternoon he had a fever again.

I am a worrier when it comes to the kids in the worse way. It's worse yet because I am writing this in a cabin in the woods of northern Canada, 45 mins away by boat from a nurse and 4 hours away from any sort of doctor. Our time he is almost done with a week to go and then we return to the city and our new home.

what do you think? Should I treat the fever and control my nerves? Or risk taking a sick 2 year old out in windy rainy weather to see a nurse with no way to run tests anyway.

Hope to hear any encouraging word, or advice, or simliar experience.

Thank you!


JuLeah - posted on 08/27/2010




Depends on the fever ..... low grade fever is his body's way of fighting off an infection. Let his system work; it will be strong for the battle :)

If you reduce the fever, you take away of body's defence.

On the other hand, a high fever, needs to come down with help - Or a high fever that lasts for more then a few days.

If he is drinking liquids, eating okay, somewhat active .... it'd let it go. Take his temp ever few hours or so, but not worry too much.

If he has a high tolerance for pain, you need to watch him with that in mind. My daughter is like this. She had an ear infection (both ears) and never complained - not a wimper. She didn't even really have a fever. I took her in 'cause 'something felt wrong' and had a doctor who believes in mothers' with such feelings, so looked her over with care.

He said, "Wow" and assured me he would believe even more in a mother's feelings from that day on.

So, trust your gut - you know your kid


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Tracy - posted on 08/27/2010




As long as it isn't very high, he's behaving normal, and eating/drinking fine just give him some Motrin or Tylenol to control the fever and watch him. If the meds don't help, or he becomes extremely lethargic, starts vomiting, etc, then take him. It's probably just a little viral infection, which most of the time is actually good for their immune system. Gives it a workout. Good luck! And enjoy your last week of peace and quiet in the woods. I'm so jealous! :)

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