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Stacy - posted on 10/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 3 girls, two are teenagers and one will be in December. Currently, my middle child (13) has recently decided that she is just simply going to ignore the rules and do what she wants, when she wants. I work till 5pm and they get out of school and are home by 3:30pm. We have a rule that there are to be no boys in the house when I'm not home. However, she started having boys in the house. I would get after her and make them leave but she kept doing it so I grounded her. I took away her electronics and access to the computer. I would come home and still find the boy there. After about 4 weeks, the boy was no longer at the house. But now I find her in the woods across the street with this same boy. Again, we go through the lecturing, the arguing, the removal of all privileges, grounding, etc etc etc. Still, she does not listen. Still she disappears after school and doesn't return until I go hunt her down. She has friends at the house when I've told her she is grounded and therefore no company. She has out and out said that she doesn't have to do what we tell her to do. I am at my wits ends. She is generally a good, happy child. She just seems to be bent on this idea that she is exempt from the rules. It has gotten to where I know that 1.5 hours that I am at work and not at home, she is going to literally do whatever she wants, regardless of anything else. I have tried talking to her, having her talk to a counselor, reasoning with her, trying to find out why, but none of it is working and I find myself becoming more and more angry with her for not listening which just makes her not listen even more! URGH!!!


Jodi - posted on 10/22/2013




Hire a babysitter. I'm not kidding. She will probably not take to it too kindly, but maybe someone who literally picks her up from school and takes her home and enforces your rules. Let her know that if she can't follow the rules at home, you will have to get a babysitter for her. It just sounds like she can't be responsible enough to be home on her own. If you can't trust your child, you either need to be there or have someone else be there in your place.

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