Stuck in a verbally abusive relationship and I'm a soon-to-be-mommy for the first time..

Kathryn - posted on 03/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 11 wks pregnant and the father of our soon to be child is in my life, but is suffocating me. This is my first pregnancy, and he and i have only been together 3 months...yea guess it took us only one time and it happened. I would really appreciate it if whoever responds to this post doesn't pass judgement :( When we first met he and I were crazy about each other, but as time has gone by and we found out we were pregnant he has become extremely controlling, verbally abusive, insecure, and it has gotten to a point where my feelings have almost completely left. I know it's easy to say "Oh just get rid of the guy" but saying it is so much easier than doing. I 've been in one other abusive relationship and I got the courage to leave. But this is different. Not only am I pregnant with my first kid, I don't even know if I can afford a baby...I've ruled out abortion, and adoption comes to mind..but I also think I truly don't want to give up that easily. The emotional draining of being pregnant is not all that fun, but I get thru it with help of my family and friends. I already do everything on my own like my doctors appointments etc. He only seems to care about Facebook and his status, he verbally trashes me all the time but I've always forgiven him and moved on. Any advice from other women that might sort of understand? He's become extremely obsessed with me....but I guess it's hard for me to tell him to get lost because this is my first time and he doesn't even get to see his own kid from a previous marriage. He's also in the military and I know that life, but should I keep putting up with this and wait it out?? Please help :(


Firebird - posted on 03/11/2013




You should not keep putting up with it. If you try to "wait it out", you will be waiting it out for the rest of your life. Leave the guy. Women raise their babies alone all the time, I'm a single mom, I left when my kid was 4. I never should have waited so long. If I can do it, so can you.


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Gwen - posted on 03/12/2013




Leave now. The abuse will only get worse. You said you have the support of family and friends; THEY love you.

Then, get into some counseling so you can learn how NOT to get into abusive relationships.

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