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my 13 year old daughter just came back to live with me around February 11th. she has been and out of behavioral health centers since she has been with me. while she was with her father for the last 7 years she stated that her father raped her but she refuses to talk to the police. she is violent and has tried to fight me several times. she as cursed me out more times than I can count. she decided that she did not want to live with me that she wanted to go stay with her 21 year old sister. well she did and she started having sex orgies and has recently caught an std. she has tried to fight the police and she has also started skipping school. this is her 3rd year in 7th grade. her dad took her to a shelter and dropped her off cause he didn't want her anymore. now I'm stuck trying to fix the problem that he created. she stated that she does not want to live with me and and she ran away from home Sunday. I had to have her committed to a behavioral. I have tried with my child but nothing is working she called the police on me cause I told her to go sit on the porch. How can I turn over my parental rights and give her to the state without being charged with neglect....can someone please give me some advice i need all the help I can get...


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What is happening at the behavioral health centers? Did they give you a report about her progress and next steps?

First of all, get some counseling for you and for your child if you can. The therapist will decide whether or not to continue with joint sessions or individual sessions.

Have you tried any support groups or centers?

I really don't know if you can just sign over your parental rights that easily. Your daughter is probably going through a very rebellious time (teenage related) right now, and with all the changes, it's affecting her mood swings even more. She is probably lashing out because she needs love and attention. Many kids "ask" for love and attention in the most unloving ways. Whatever she is doing, she probably just wants to know that you love and want her. Talk to her...not at her, but with her. If she is feeling that you want to get rid of her already, then that might be another reason she continues to lash/act out.

Rape is a very serious charge and accusation. Whether or not it is true, you need to get to the bottom of it. Long-term therapy can probably help figure out whether or not it is true, and how to cope with it.

Good luck...

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