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Sabra - posted on 12/07/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 14 month old daughter has a stuffy nose.

She sleeps with a sucky so she has a hard time sleeping because she can't breathe.

I try suctioning out her nose or using saline drops but she hates when I put anything in or near her nose. It makes her cry hysterically and just makes the problem worse.

Does anybody have some tips on how to help clear up her nose?


Jennifer - posted on 12/07/2010




a cool mist humidifier with a cotton ball with eucalyptus oil on it near where the mist comes out. it works very, very well with congestion as well as soothing nighttime coughing.


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Elizabeth - posted on 12/07/2010




My 17 month old daughter currently has a cold and with her nose al stuffy she doesn't sleep well. I have found that using a humidifer in her room at night helps and she sleeps better. I have also talked to her doctor about what to do and he gave us some over the counter medication that helps with the runny nose.

Cassandra - posted on 12/07/2010




My 11 month old is the same way when his nose is stuffy or runny, he hates me messing with it! Try taking her into the bathroom and running a hot shower, then just sit and let her take in the steam. I usually stay about 5-10 mins. Another tip is to use Q-tips...Wet them to moisten nasal passage and along with the suction bulb when nose is runny. (Just make sure not to insert to far up nose). Hope this helps.

Keshia - posted on 12/07/2010




this happens to my 16 month old sometimes so I use the nasal spray to loosen everything up then use the booger sucker he gets mad too so sometimes I have my husband hold him while I do it it nees to be done and he onyl fuses for a little bit but then he can breathe also a warm bath helps he likes to splash so much water gets in there and then it all runs out

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