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Does anybody know of any work at home programs online that arent scam and are free to start? Would love to be able to make some extra money while staying home with my two year old. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You are better off asking this in the work from home communities as we don't allow solicitations here and a question like this just encourages them.

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Ev - posted on 08/27/2014




I have never found anything online that is free and not a scam of one sort or another that you can do at home to earn extra money while having little ones. Most places charge some sort of high fees to do their work and then you are not guaranteed much income of any at all. Elieen said she was a free lance transcriptionist but she had to also have gone to school to learn to do that first and then found a company or companies that were willing to send her work at home. So you would have to invest time in school to learn to be a transcriber and money to take the classes and then hope you find such things to do at home. I have not heard of odesk or elance either and am not sure what they entail. But for a legit way to stay home, go out and find a job that offers the work from home option and go for that.

I looked at elance and its a lot of jobs to search through and you have to be picked in order for you to be able to do any work and they are looking for all sorts of things. I do not see you getting something right away with it but it might take time to get started. If you were needing funds ASAP this is not going to do that.

I looked at odesk seems to be a place that is for those wanting to hire someone to do the writing or work for them.

And Eileen posting those web addresses for this is considered solicitation.

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