Successfully getting pregnant after vasectomy reveral?

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Hello, the bit of back story for this is that I am the mother of 2 boys, whom I love more than life itself. When my husband and I were dating we agreed that we wanted 2 children unless we had 2 boys ( I have always dreamed of having a daughter). We agreed that if we had 2 boys that we would try a 3rd time and see if we would have a little girl. Well half way through my pregnancy with our second son my husband decided that he wanted to get a vasectomy knowing that I wanted another child eventually. I told him that I thought he was rushing the decision and that he would regret getting the procedure done. Now just over a year later, he thinks that he made a mistake and is now thinking about getting his vasectomy reversed. have any of you had husband/significant others that have had this procedure reversed and successfully gotten pregnant after? If so how long did it take you to get pregnant after the procedure? He is not even sure that he wants another child, but I am looking for a ray of light in this crap shoot of a situation. I know that if we have another child that we may very well have another boy, but I feel like if I don't try one more time, that I am giving up on an almost life long dream. I Thank you a head of time for your stories and advice.


Michelle - posted on 05/08/2012




I know 2 different couples that have had reversals and have ended up going for IVF because it didn't work. Both couples got twins (1 couple only had 1 egg inserted as well).

I know sometimes a reversal can be successful but I personally don't know of any. If it was me I would save the money from getting the reversal done and go straight to IVF.

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