sucker punched

Keta - posted on 01/20/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 7 yr. Old (boy) was at his friends house, who's 6. My kid is a gentle giant, bigger than this 6 yr. Old and Ive instilled not to hit ( unless he gets hit first - and after he tells them to stop and even then he still wont hit.The other kid likes to rough house. I even heard another mom say her son and this kid had to stop hanging out cause they woud always fight. We were about to leave and the kid sucker punched my kid in the stomach, I mean they werent rough housing, just punched him. My guy just clenches his stomach and starts crying. Her reaction was say sorry he said it quietly from a distance. We are supposed to take him out for a playdatefor birthday gift. I don't think I did enough for my son. Should I be truthful with her and not take him out or just take him out for his bday and then ignore them or what.

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