Sudden defiance, crying, bedwetting 4 year old

Barbra - posted on 10/19/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son just turned 4 years old. He has been potty trained since he was two, had stopped tantrums and excessive crying, and was a balanced kid. A joy really. Over the summer I took him to vacation bible school and thought he would love it and left him even though he was crying not to go :( after two days I realized he was sick and I didn't like forcing him to go anyway. That week he started wetting the bed and sometimes even his car seat while he was awake. Dr confirmed no bladder infection. He's been wetting the bed off and on for over two months. He also started preschool a little less than two months ago and cried every time I took him except once. He was so joyful when I picked him up and seemed like he had fun but would beg to not go. Then he got sick again and I haven't sent him in a couple weeks. It's a 45 min drive and so I just wait around town until it's over so it's pretty inconvenient for me and so far upsetting for him so I'm thinking of not sending him anymore. But since he had started he has cried more than ever, has started defying everyone and he just talks like he's frustrated in his tone. He started saying, " I don't want to." when told to do something. I think he got it from preschool because no one says that in our house. Also I'm 35 weeks pregnant! I miss my son and our relationship and enjoying the day instead of dreading it. I feel like I'm failing him. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt with all these transitions, sickness, and just trying to grow up and be his own person. I've also been trying to get him to spend more time with grandparents and his dad and since then he has been not wanting me and crying for other people until he saw that I was saddened by this. I wish he didn't see me get sad about it because now he doesn't want anyone again anymore lol can't we get balanced!? I want him to love us all and yes I want him to be his own person but it is hard for that way I feel like I'm failing him. I'm so excited for these pregnancy hormones to balance out and for his stage to finish well and to get back to who we are. Pray for me...

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