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Jessica - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a mum of a 1 year old bub. I was just doing this to try and help any new mums out there. If you could please let everyone know what country you come from and just give some suggestions to what you think's great. Thanks

Country: Australia

Nappy (Diaper): Huggies here in Australia is fantastic but is probly the most expensive.

Formula: S26 Gold was what I used but is a bit pricey

Bottles: I used Avent but I wouldn't mind trying the tommy tippy closser to nature next time. The Avent ones leaked a few times which they say they aren't meant to do.

Wipes: Curash but I just bought the Aldi brand mamia and they seem to be a great cheap wipe.

Pram: I have a valco runabout and a valco stroller and I love them!

Powder: Curash

Bathing: Johnsons

Car seats: I just got 2 that looked comfy had all the safty ratings and fitted my budget. I have a hipod one and a safe n sound

Nappy rash cream: SUDO CREAM all the way. Bepanthen just didn't cut when my little boy started teething, it just seemed to make it worse. Sudo cream was a life save when nothing else worked!

That's all I can think of at the moment but if you can think of anything else I will be happy to comment.

If any new mums or mums to be particularly in Australia need any help just send me a message and I will be happy to help and I am sure many other mums on circle of mums would be happy to help.

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Van - posted on 06/28/2012




I breast fed for 8 months then went onto formula Aptimal Gold stage 2 ($22-25 a tin). Then tried Aldi formula Mamia Gold stage 2. Was iffy at first but after much research comparing nutritional content and discussions with pharmacists I haven't looked back! At $15 a tin and undergoing strict Australian standards my baby hasn't had any problems with it. Dissolves well and doesn't clump or froth like the Aptimal does.

Bottles: tommee tippee closer to nature. The bottle shape is short so babies used to being breast fed can still be close. Wide and easy to clean, BPA free.

Pram: Baby jogger city mini. I didn't want to spend the money at first but it has been great! Solid and sturdy. I am 5 foot shorty and 45kg, and can collapse with one hand and put into car whilst holding 9 month baby at the same time! So user friendly.

Theresa - posted on 01/14/2010




Country: Scotland

Nappy (Diaper): I love the Pampers Active Fit for Toddlers, but like the Pampers Stay Dry for bedtime as they have a 12 hour absorption rate so reduces the risk of nappy rash through the night.

Formula: Gosh I used them all. Cow and Gate I found left them still hungry, but great for the baby that has digestion problems. SMA I found made them constipated a lot. Aptamil is the brand I use now, it seems to agree with them the most while keeping them to regular feeds and not leaving them too hungry.

Bottles: I used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles. Brilliant bottles, really easy to clean because of the wider neck. The teats were hard to get where I live but they have three stages so that was nice too. Only bad thing I found was they are difficult for baby to hold as they get bigger because they are such an odd shape, but my toddler could hold one eventually.

Wipes: I like the Huggies 'Pure' wipes. No smell and they don't leave your baby too wet, but they are textured enough to get sticky accidents off bums hehe!

Pram: I have had my mamas and papas 3 in one buggy for both boys. It's a pram, car seat and buggy in one and has lasted my two boys and a baby before that so good make. Easy to use to, simple to fold and has the benefit of having a detachable carry seat when baby is younger. It is quite heavy though so if you live in an upstairs flat like myself you have to have good arms to get it up the stairs!

Powder: I never used powder because of the health scare.

Bathing: I used Johnsons Shampoo for babies, then after 1 year I'm using the Loreal Kids Shampoo, they have lovely smells and a lovely conditioner for babies with longer hair that tends to tangle.

Car Seats: I use the seat from my Mamas and Papas buggy and I have another for my toddler, I think it's a safetyFirst one.Both are good and look lovely and safe. Particularly like the toddler one as it straps in like an adult seatbelt around the seat and then has a separate harness to strap in the toddler.

Nappy Rash Cream: Sudocrem - for everything. By far the best nappy rash treatment there is. My mum even swears by it. It's also not too expensive. £4 for a massive tub that will last months.

Teething Treatment: I used a cream called Calgel - from the makers of Calpol. I was using Bongela and then the health scare was announced over here so I switched to Calgel and it was ok. The best thing I found though was these little powders called: Ashton and Parsons infant powders. Absolutely worked wonders for my little boy because he refused a teether. I also gave him calpol at teething time which helped a lot with his temperature.

Collic Treatment: Infacol was the one I found best for bringing up wind until 4 months, then I found it never really worked so I switched to gripe water which worked from then until 6 months when the problems with wind stopped.

Skin Treatments: My youngest has a problem with dry skin and I use E45 cream for that, and everything. Even his cradle cap I treated using E45 because I found the actual cradle cap creams were rubbish.

TV Shows: Of course it's up to your child what they like but I thought I would add that my toddler adores the Imagination Movers, and actually they are a really great program for little kids.

Rikki - posted on 01/14/2010




australia too

swaddleme wraps: best thing i eva got far better then a normel swaddleing blanket as a regular swaddle blanket can end up over bubby face with all the moving around.

NAN HA gold: best formula for a bubby who has constipation and wind as its easy to digest realy saved my life.

mam: bpa free colic bottles only bottle on the market that eased my sons colic.

those are the 3 best things i eva got for my lill baby boy everything elce is about the same as jessicas list except we have an Emmaljunga pram (that i saved for, for months) and use huggies wipes and both are soooo not cost efective if you are looking to save money lol :))

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