Suggestions for settling my 3 year old grandson?

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My 3 year old grandson has been unable to settle himself at bedtime for around 6 months. He shares a room with his brothers who are 5 and 2, so it is difficult to try things without disturbing them. He gets up and down, bangs his legs against the walls, tosses and turns, kicks the ladders to the top bunk, hides under the bed etc.

They have a good bedtime routine, bath, story, bed, however after the bath he seems to take this as his cue to rev things up a gear and starts running round, which then winds his younger brother up. My daughter is on her own all week so dealing with him is a struggle- by the time you have caught him and sat him down the other one is at it!

I have tried cuddling into him to try and calm him when I am there but he can't keep still even then.

I've tried talking to him and going over his routine ' what time is it- bath time, what happens after bath time- calm time...

Could do with suggestions on how to resolve this, my daughter is due No 4 in September and is exhausted.




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Stagger their bed times so that he is going to bed by himself. Also, is he still taking a nap? Some kids are ready to cut out nap time earlier than others. What time is she attempting to put him down? Maybe it's too early. Diet could be the issue, any red juices or punches cause hyperactivity, even if he drank it at noon it can still affect the rest of the day. You can try foods lower in carbs at dinner as carbs give quick energy. There's probably a lot of different things that could be causing it and just as many remedies.


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In the end because it was the summer holidays I suggested keeping him up until he was tired. I told my daughter that as it was taking up to two hours to settle him so she wasn't getting wind down time anyway, what harm. Once he was settling and into the routine of settling we could start bringing his bedtime back down to a better time for starting back at school. This seems to have worked - in fact he often only needed about 15 twenty minutes more.

So if anyone else has a similar problem it's worth trying.

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I think Daniela maybe onto something, give the bath in the AM when he first wakes. My 17 year old insists that a shower at the end of his day just keeps him awake. Instead he takes his shower in the AM before school. The shower has the opposite effect on me. I take mine at night to relax and to sleep better.

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I read that a bath can stimulate some children and make bedtime difficult. Maybe try not giving him a bath in the evening for a while and see if that changes anything. Also, could his bedtime be too late for him so he is overtired? Or that the calming routine is either too rushed or too long? Does he eat sugary foods in the evening? No idea if any of this is helping, I'm just brainstorming here. Good luck!

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Will check the bath temp hun, although I would say it is the correct temp for the boys. He loves massage, especially getting his feet rubbed, but once it's over he's off!

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Check the temperature of the bath. If the bath is too warm it can actually excite some children. Have you tried giving him a simple massage before bed? It could be something as simple as drawing animals on his back. I know I loved it when I was a kid and now have the great privilage of provide massage for other children.

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