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I live in New Zealand and I have 3 kiddies ages 9,8 and 1 1/2 my youngest is really struggling to get to sleep at night he goes down at 7 but because it's so hot he just doesn't settle and ends up crying for me I feel so bad, I have a fan going in his room practically all day but I can never get it cool enough it stays up between 26 and 30 has anyone got any tips on what I can do? He's gone from such a great sleeper to impossible to get to sleep until after 9 and I have tried leaving him to cry but I'm not a fan of that anyway and he gets so worked up and drenched in sweat I just can't let him try to fall asleep like that :(


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Jodi - posted on 01/27/2016




Are you opening up the house to get the afternoon/evening breezes to cool off the house? It is actually really pointless having a fan going in a room that isn't being used because fans don't cool down a room, they simple act by moving the air about, which helps cool the person in the room (just like creating a breeze).

Is there a room in the house that is cooler that you can use temporarily?

Can you give him a bath on the cooler side just before bed? Give him a wet washer to lay his head on?

Just remember, it is only temporary. I know it's difficult, but it will pass.The worst of summer is almost over.

Michelle - posted on 01/27/2016




Maybe look into getting a portable air con. I know you guys are having hot weather (compared to what you usually have) and it's hard for people to sleep. Especially if your house isn't built for warm weather.
Maybe when it is hotter you have to make his bed time a bit later. Give a warm (more on the cooler side) before bed and just have him in a nappy and singlet.
I live in Western Australia and we haven't had a maximum under 35c for months now. Most days are hovering near 40c but that's just our usual summer.
At least it doesn't last as long for you guys.

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