Sunflower Syndrome

Burton - posted on 10/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Neurologist has prescribed VNS implant to deal with Sunflower Syndrome. How does shocking a nerve in my child's neck stop the sun from shining? We've gone to 4 different Neurologists, one says tick, 1 changed the meds, one upped the meds, now we need to shock her? This is not counting the 4 pediatricians. We could write a book of observation's almost like we all know more than the Docs. Hat and sun glasses and adult supervision. Constant reminders and personal conversations with my daughter will hopefully teach her to keep her shades and hat on. Docs have been no help. She started at 6 and now is almost 14. I could go on and on, I concur with all the forum replies. Good luck.

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