super bowl abortion campaign ad are you boycotting?

Nicole - posted on 01/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




As a Mother having a living child and one that has sadly been aborted. i am not for this campaign. i used to be a hard core pro lifer till i was faced with the situation. you can always say what you are going to do till you are faced and placed in a do or die kind of spot. this is why i believe there should be pro Choice. every one should be pro choice but i also believe that if you know before your pregnancy it could kill you then you should be taking measures to not get pregnant and abortion is not birth control. and if you are a teen or a young person maybe you should think twice about when having your first time of sex and if you do take every measure to not get pregnant! ....its the people that use abortion like birth control i can not stand. BUT REALITY IS NOT EVERY ONE HAS ONE TO BE SELFISH AND TO MURDER!

but this is where i get to my point. this year i will be boycotting the super bowl. Randall Terry is GOING to air his campaign add that targets pro lifers and shows extreme graphic images of dismembered babies. now it wasn't ok to show Janet Jacksons nipple pastie but its OK to show dead babies in front of our small children to prove that killing them is bad??? im sorry but i can barely handle my self mentally and i suffer from ptsd from my own experience and i break down every time i see a pro life coalition. cause truth is 99% of doctors will not touch a pregnancy after 12 weeks for any reason other then the mother is going to die because it is a moral issue. and most of these babies that people show in these kind of anti abortion coalition is past the 20 week mark. i really feel this will be hurtful to children with small siblings or pregnant mothers. there is no reason my toddler should have to see this AD. i have suffered enough and i think other mothers that have had abortions have suffered enough as well ... there is no need to rub it in our faces and there is no need to show children this either. they will learn what abortions are in life at the appropriate ages. there is a time and place for everything and the super bowl is not the time or place for the lecturing of murdering babies. im just curious if this will make other mothers and families choose as well to boycott this years super bowl?

**note any station that a presidential candidate goes to HAS to air the campaign add in full and unaltered it is the law. but its also the law by the FCC that more mature and graphic shows and commercials be aired after certain hours...this is worse then seeing a girls gone wild commercial at 9pm but most stations air them after 1 am. id rather see girls gone wild during the super bowl then this.

here is the news link:


Tina - posted on 01/20/2012




although I really don't agree with abortions I think this has too many grey areas too. No offense to people but I'm not religous. I understand sometimes people have to make these hard decisions. I understand that these adds are probably aimed at people that use abortion as a form of birth control but this isn't the way to do it. Someone I know had to make that hard decision the baby had serious heart problems and would have died anyway. People like her don't need to be reminded of their loss. Kids don't need to be worrying about adult stuff like this and shouldn't see it. There is a time and place for this type of campaign but this certainly isn't the right way to go in my opinion.

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