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Kimberly - posted on 12/01/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

As for me, I wish I had the power to know why my baby was crying so I knew what to do to fix it.


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Kimberly - posted on 12/02/2010




Joy...Thats just super-funny!!! lol...I think we all wish on that one 2, or at least I do. :)
Rachel...I know the feeling. My husband works 11am-11pm and does the same thing so its hard to get anything done chasing after Brayden n having to drop n pick Kaylin up from school and cheerleading practice.

[deleted account]

I don't know if it's considered a super power but I want Samantha's nose trick from Bewitched. Laundry? wiggle wiggle DONE. Dishes? wiggle wiggle DONE. Husband acting like a jerk? wiggle wiggle POOF HE'S A FROG FOR AWHILE.

Rachel - posted on 12/02/2010




the power to think and the housework is Done !! my husband works afternoons from 2-10 so he sleeps in in the morning (so I look after son) hubby wakes up wants food... I do that... he goes to work I never have time to do dishes and such, because my son is in to everything .... son goes to bed at 8 but by then I am so tired I can only sit on the the time my husband gets home 10:30 or 11:30 he gets fustrated by the mess :P

Hayley - posted on 12/02/2010




I'm with you on knowing why the kid is crying and how to fix it. I would like a super power that eliminates temper tantrums though because I'm so sick of my daughter and her drama queen diva attitude!

Kate CP - posted on 12/02/2010




I really shouldn't have super powers because I would use them to beat the snot out of people who annoy me. Especially in traffic. :P

[deleted account]

i would be super strong so i could carry both my kids and all the laundry/groceries so i didnt have to wait until my husband was home to get things done...

Schyla - posted on 12/01/2010




I would love to read minds My 5 year old is just so hard to understand sometimes Like she asks for a drink and I say ok get a cup and get a drink and she pitches a fit cause she WANTS a drink! and sometimes (ok most of the time) my 3 year old asks for something and I have to have her either show me or say it over and over till it clicks that she wants it. Like she wanted her pinchy jammies and ONLY the pinchy jammies were gonna work for her that night but I really had no clue what she was talking about. (My husband did she wanted to where the jammies with the crabs on them HOW did he know that and I didn't??) Speaking of husbands why dose he look at me like I'm a raving lunitic when I've asked him 5 times all very nicely if he's please get off my foot? and when I cannot stand his 250lb self standing on my foot an ylonger and get irritated (and a little nasty after asking him 5 time to please get off my foot dear) I'd LOVE to know what was so important in his head that he didn't hear me UNTIL I got nasty? I'd also love to be able to read the mind of the mother who's kid (that's too big to be in the play place in the first place) just watched her 60lb brute knock over my 30lb princess and keep on running? Also I'd love to be able to read the minds of those super nosy people who ask inappropriate questions (you know you've all dealt with one or two maybe 7) and figure out what possible reason they could have for caring rather I breastfeed of not or rather I still have time to be "alone" with my husband (uh hello I have three kids we obviously FIND THE TIME!) so yea mind reading would be grand!

Danielle - posted on 12/01/2010




I would want to move things with my mind!
Then I could sit and relax and the damn laundry would do itself.

Firebird - posted on 12/01/2010




I wish I could fly. After an accident several years ago (as a passenger), I'm still too scared to drive, and being able to fly would really save me some =)

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