Surgery - tonsils & adenoids - 4 year old

Sharon - posted on 05/04/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Looking for similar experiences/Any advice on what has helped your child/children with recovering from a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. My son is going to be 4 on the 20th of this month, and he is having his tonsils and adnoids out this Friday (Two days away!) I am nervous about his recovery - 2 weeks of restricted action. Anyone have some tips that may have helped your little one get through this recovery easily?


Esther - posted on 05/04/2011




have lots of ice cream popsicles and soft foods. he will recover faster since he is younger just make sure you dont forget the pain meds....

Marie - posted on 05/04/2011




my boy had his out when he was 20 months, best thing is keep the fluids going, whatever they will drink is a plus, might have to chase him with a syringe but ya gotta do it. Also KEEP UP THE PAIN MEDS. Also make srue the nurses are following doctor orders because the doctor had told me to alternate IBProfeen and the vicoden/tylenol round the clock piggy backed so he had something in hs system. had to remind the nurses of that and when he did he was in prett good shape and rearing to leave the hospital in the morning, being 4 might beable to go home that day rather than stay overnight.

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hi sharon. my daughter was 2 and half and honestly you will worry and be more careful than your child. if your hospitals are like ours then there will be 2 wards with the theatre in the middle.heres a run down on how it will go. you will be admitted to a ward where you will see others of all ages who will having the same operation. the next morning the doctor wil be round to give the nervous and young ones a premed to make them drowsy. they will then be taken (i went with my daughter) for the anaesthetic from there they go into surgery (your not allowed unfortunately LOL) you wait for them to come out which will be about half an hour. they will then be taken into the other adjoining ward and put into bed. a doctor will come check on him. 24 hour round the clock bursing care as usual. only parents are allowed to visit (cuts down on germs and the chance of infection). they will be fed toast and icecream to follow when they are awake and a snack later. my daughter didnt sit up she stayed laying down (still tired) and ate her toast but didnt want the icecream. later they put on a disney movie and handed out potato chips to anyone who wanted them. the following morning breakfast then after a check up they go home. rest for 24 hours when you get home to really recover from the anaesthetic then its just light play inside for a week. i know toast and things seemed harsh to give but they say that there is a film that grows over the wound and bacteria grows underneath it so the hardish rough food takes the film off and allows the bacteria to be dispersed cutting down the chance of infection. no screaming or sucking because this promotes bleeding. if the child doesnt eat they get sent to isolation ward untill they do. the younger the child the better and speedier recovery and they dont seem to mind as much mu daughter never bothered she only moaned and cried when i wouldnt give her her bottle (yes a bottle she never ate solids because her tonsils were too big thats why she had them taken out and her adanoids were so big they cut off the air way through her nose). anyway he will be fine and you will be fine just relax and try not to worry too much because your worrying will be picked up by your son and make him nervous try to mak light of some things and take something into hospital for him to do and a magazine or book for you to read while he's asleep. hope this helps


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Sharon - posted on 05/04/2011




Thank you ladies!! Very encouraging!! We go home 4 hours after the surgery - given he is fine and eats without vomiting - Good to hear it's not as scary as it seems for mom, lol. They're going to let me put the mask on him and put his IV's in once he's out cold, which is nice. I've been prepping him mentally for over a month. He wants to get it overwith so he has no more "Bacteria" in his "Back throat", lol - he heard bacteria ONCE at the doctors and repeats it constantly - he is determined that it is a bad word. LOL!! I will keep you posted afterward. Thank you all ♥

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