Surrounding by boys, how to build a princess' manner and taste to my only daughter?

Nova Asti - posted on 03/11/2014 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 y.o, and everyday she meets and interacts with my two nephews. she becomes a bit boyish, like playing balls, jumping hard, shouting, and follow what the older cousin does. It's something that worried me, since she loves to play with them, and a bit influenced by them, for example, she stars to enjoy boys' toys, shouting, stand and jump in the table, and has no fear to play hard with the boys. I need inputs. Thanks a lot.


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Celeste - posted on 03/15/2014




She may or may not. It's nothing you can force on her. I have an 11 year old daughter that has never been girlie. There's nothing wrong with it

Denikka - posted on 03/15/2014




My daughter is 3. I also have 2 boys, my partner, and I am hardly a girly female :P (very much a comfort/tomboy type of person)
My daughter absolutely plays rough with her brothers, they get into squabbles and she has a pretty nasty right hook at times. She screams/yells, jumps, plays ball, plays with trains and trucks, and all that *boy* stuff, because that's what she's surrounded with.
But, at the same time, she still loves dressing up pretty, dancing, make up, getting her hair and nails done, baking, and she's the one I prefer going out shopping with (when I'm only taking one child) because she's the calmest child.
You can be boyish/tomboyish at times and still have a girly side :) I've always said heaven help the people she plays with if she ever gets into a contact sport. Cause she'll take them out, hard, while wearing a sparkly pink uniform and perfect hair and make up XD

Nova Asti - posted on 03/15/2014




thanks a lot friends...I think I'm overreact since I am a bit desperate to make my daughter likes girlie stuffs and play softly. However, It's true about the exposure and yes, your comments are really helping me to see that my daughter is fine. I just hope she'll be more girlie as she keeps growing..

Ev - posted on 03/11/2014




And I also must add that pushing a certain thing on kids will only make them do opposite of what you would like. So exposing her to all sorts of things might bring out that princess thing.

Dove - posted on 03/11/2014




Let her be her. Maybe you have a friend w/ a little girl that you can arrange a play date w/ so that she can get exposure to more than one way of playing. Otherwise... I wouldn't worry about. What a child truly likes or doesn't like is built internally and what SHE really likes or does not like will come out in time.

I have two girls and a boy and they have ALL played w/ all sorts of different toys.. from dolls and princesses to trucks and swords. It's normal. Toys don't have gender. Toys are toys and kids are kids.

Dannielle - posted on 03/11/2014




This shouldn't worry you! She's just fitting in with the boys, my 3 year old is the same way, this is because she has two brother & a uncle her age. There's nothing wrong with her being a little rough.

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