Surviving the Infant Stage With Twins

Marissa - posted on 08/30/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been extremely exhausted even with help caring for my twins. During the day it is just nonstop with them crying, needing to be fed and burped, needing their diaper changed, and then crying just because they want to be picked up. I try so hard to be fair to both. The thing is, I'm running so low on energy and don't know how to recharge. I have to pump in between their feedings so they constantly have enough breast milk. So even when I can take a nap I still have to wake up to pump or I will be in a lot of pain. The twins are currently 2 1/2 months. They were born prematurely so they are basically a month behind full term babies in terms of development. We also don't see response smiles from them yet, they only smile on their sleep. That is hard on us emotionally not getting a response from your child when your acting goofy and they look at you with s blank stare. Then we see our friends kids babies and they are laughing and cooing. Does anyone have any advice on any of these things I mentioned above. Would love to hear other moms stories and or advice on how to get thru this infant stage of their lives.


Sarah - posted on 08/30/2015




Hang in there. It will get better as they grow. The newborn stage is hard. All you do is feed! That does get better. As they grow they go from taking 45 mins. to 1 hr to eat down to 15 to 20 mins. They also start to entertain themselves more. Don't worry about the smiles...they will come. Most 1 month olds are not smiling yet. Look at all their developmental milestones with their corrected age. Also don't worry about them hitting those milestones a bit later. When they are 2 yrs old no one is going to be able to know if they smiled at 2 months or 3 months or if they walked at 12 months or 15 months. Enjoy their littleness. Even though it is exhausting you will miss them being that small one day. Don't worry about being fair with holding, etc. Some days one may need you more then the other one. Also one child may just need you more than the other one.....their personalities might be coming out :) One might be more laid back the other more high maintenance. Sometimes one or both may need to fuss until you can get to them and that is ok. If you have not looked into it you may want to explore twin babywearing. At times that might be a lifesaver. Check out YouTube and facebook. There also might be a babywearing group by you. They are awesome and every helpful....would come to your house just to help you figure out how to twin wear. Another group that might be helpful is Moms of Multiples. They know just what you are going through. Also sometimes they hand down clothes to other moms.

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