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I have a suspicion that my son who is 4 was molested by someone close to us..i have no evidence just signs.. should i take him to a child psychiatrist and have him evaluated first to hear what they think and then the police??? i have no idea what to do i dont want to scare him anymore if something has happened but i want to know the truth...what should i do?? Im really scared and confused


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Lindsay, start with your pediatrician, explain your concerns. Have him give you a referral for professional services.

Has your little guy started not wanting to go to a certain person's home, or be in a room with certain people? That could be an indicator

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Oh and good luck I pray nothing happened, but if worse case, I also pray that you will have the strength to stay strong. AND do not blame yourself!

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If you have suspicions and signs, yes I would have him evaluated. If nothing comes of it, at least you will have piece of mind. If something has happened then you will be on the right path to helping him deal with could have lasting emotional effects on him. This is one of those better safe then sorry situations. Child psychologists have been trained to work with kids and will help ease him into sharing what happened, if it happened. Moms know their kids and if you see signs that are troubling then something is probably troubling him.

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