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Well, I actually had to do it...I had to admit that my husband was right. He told me about a year ago, not long after we moved into our house that I needed a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I absolutely love my honda odyssey, and hate to give it up, but our road is really taking its toll on the suspension system, and I can't go anywhere when it snows, because they don't run salt trucks (and a lot of times not even a plow) on our road. We do have a 2000 Dodge Durango, but since it only gets 12 miles to the gallon, I really can't take it anywhere either. Now, I'm starting to look for a good SUV. I need one with 3rd row seating since I have 4 kids, and I need one that has at least a little room in the back. It doesn't need to get great gas milage, but it does definately need to be better than 12 mpg. If you have one or know someone that has a good one, I'm up for suggestions. Please if possible, list the year, because I know some models didn't start adding the third row seat until a certain year.


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I have a Trailblazer, and I love it. I don't need the third row, but I believe it's offered. We live in the country and get lots of snow (6 foot drifts this winter already). And my Trailblazer drives through it all.

It drives amazingly smooth and has lots of little extras. I have the fully loaded one, and love the heated seats especially.

We're getting ready to upgrade vehicles and are getting a new Trailblazer (ours is an 02). I would definitely recommend it.

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I have personally owned 4 wheel drive and All wheel drive. The 4 wheel drive is much better in the snow. I got rid of the All wheel drive after one winter because it was miserable in the snow.


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I have a Saturn Outlook (crossover) that I love. Mine is a 2009 because Saturn did go out of business I beleive. The Traverse and a Dodge one (Acadia?) are the same though. There are 3 of them in different price ranges but all the same vehicle. I had a minivan and just wanted a sportier change but one that could still handle my three and the carpool kids. It is all wheel drive and I live in MI so it works great in the snow although I am not on any dirt roads. What I love and something to think about is that the kids can still walk through the two captains chairs in the second row to access the bench in the back. No flipping up seats to access it! I bought it for just this reason. My friend has a suburban and the second row is a bench. She can seat 8 instead of my 7 but kids have to climb out then flip up the seat to get back there or they pole vault over the seat with dirty shoes or boots.

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Kia makes a really good suv that is good on gas I can't remember what it is called but it is the only one with the extra seats. I had the soul which was the smaller version and I loved it.

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AWD is pretty much the same thing as 4 wheel drive except it doesn't shut off it is always on and it senses loss of traction and will transfer traction control to which ever tire or axle is having traction issues. 4 wheel drive is much better if off roading but just driving through snow AWD or 4 wheel drive are pretty comparable.

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Not to be disagreeable but I don't agree with Sherri's statement about all wheel drive vehicles being better. They absolutely are not. While the are good, they are not better if you get a lot of snow. I live in Colorado and believe me, I know my 4X4's pretty well. I have a 2010 Jeep Commander (has the third row seating) and I love it. This is my 3rd Jeep and my husband has a Jeep Wrangler which won't work for you because only 4 seats. I get about 20 miles to the gallon on the highway with my Commander and about 15 city.

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I have an '08 Honda Pilot. I love it. It is front wheel drive and automatically goes into 4w drive when it slips. It also has 4w low by the push of a button if you are completely stuck. It does have a 3rd row seat and all available seats in the back have an anchor for carseats. For a midsize suv the fuel consumption isn't bad, 20-22mpg highway.

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I had a Blazer and now have a mini van but I sure do miss my Blazer. It did better gas mileage and was great in winter conditions. So, I am all for SUVs. Maybe you could look into the Trailblazer which has 3rd row seating.

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All Wheel Drive vehicles are actually better than 4 wheel drive so you may want to look into those too. I am pretty sure they now have all wheel drive mini vans so look into it.

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