swearing 2 year olds... HELP!

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My son's father and I are not together anymore and he spends the night with his dad on saturdays and I get him back sunday afternoon. His father and I are going through a custody battle right now and for the past 2 weekends he has been coming home and swearing at me.....The first time we were in Costco and he was in the cart screaming "F*** it" after about the 5th time he said it, I lightly tapped his mouth and said no. Then I asked were he heard that word and he told me " Dad's work". Then this past weekend when he was home playing he got mad and stomped his feet and walked outside saying "F***er" over and ever again.........He's 2 yrs old and is coming home from his weekend with dad with the mouth of a trucker. His dad blames me like he does everything else. How do I stop this?


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Get down to his eye level and tell him that he is using a naughty word that only silly adults use and that it is not nice. Enforce that it makes you sad to hear that word and that you do not want him to use it again. If your child repeatedly comes home using language like this then apply for supervised visits because this is border line verbal abuse. If he is hearing this so often that he is picking it up and using it in context then he is hearing this very frequently and not just an oops by a passing adult.


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Agreeing with Louise, enforce that it makes you sad to hear him using this, however, never using it yourself will go a long way.

I do advise against telling him that "silly adults" or as I did "uneducated people" only use that. Mine reported back to their father, uncle and grandfather that I had siad that they were uneducated because they used that language and I immediately found myself in the "hot seat" big time.

Sadly at 2, children are like sponges, they absorb everything and when "squeezed" will spit out everything that they have soaked up.

Re-enforcing the fact that you do not like it, it makes you sad, or whatever you use is about the only thing that will eventually soak in for him.

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Agree with Louise, you need to tell him that it is a naughty word and be consistent with it. My daughter picked up a few "naughty" words at that age from myself and my husband, they do tend to slip out when I stub my toe or the dog has eaten my new bra for the third time that week! But I got down to her level and explained there were certain words that adults use that are not nice to say or hear. I tend to remind my children every so often of what they can and can't do so when they are on the verge of doing something naughty I simply say "What did I tell you about saying that?" and then they would dutifully reply "If we say that word we don't get to watch tv." Or something along those lines anyway. Now my daughter is five and when she catches mummy or daddy swearing we get a time out!
Good luck. :-)

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