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my son is 4 and in a routine of coming into my bed half way thru the night has anyone got any tried and tested routines or ideas?...his got a little lamp in room he also used to watch cartoons but is keeping him awake longer rather then sending him to sleep? also his potty trained and also uses toilet he tends to not wet the bed at night so no longer put nappys on him thru night just wondered when can he stop using potty or whats the next stage if any?any ideas would be appretiated thankyou:)xx


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My daughter went through about 2 years of doing this. She had a particularly creative imagination, and was prone to nightmares.

Firstly, I would suggest no cartoons or TV before bed time. This stimulates the brain activity. If he has a TV in his room, then I'd suggest removing it (at least until he is in his late teens, LOL). No child needs a TV in their room.

Secondly, my husband and I threw an old cot mattress on the floor in our room next to my side of the bed, together with a pillow and some blankets. We reached a point where she would just let herself into our room and make a nest for herself next to my side of the bed, without disturbing anyone. She felt safe sleeping near me, but we all slept well. This really worked for us. She eventually stopped doing this when she was about 5 1/2.

Finally, if he is ready, teach him how to use the toilet. We had a small toilet seat adjustment to our toilet to make it easier for them to sit on, along with a small stool.

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My son would do that also. Instead of cuddling him and letting him say in your bed, give him a kiss and put him straight back to his bed. ? Also for my boy I will send him to the toilet before bedtime then get him up to go again around my bedtime this gets him through the night :)


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thankyou will try this out with him tonite see how he goes lol i might be able to get him out of his bad habbits in a few weeks hopefully lol:)

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