swelling,redness and itching from mosquito bite in 2.5 year old.

Priyanka - posted on 05/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter keeps getting mosquito bites and it will itch a lot turns red and swells alot too.if its on her face then she will have upper eyelid swelling. any home remedies for it.she doesnt seem to be much bothered by it but i feel really bad when i look at her.Does anyone else has whose toddler reacts that way.Posted it again as i am getting much reply


Gena - posted on 05/30/2015




I don't know a home remedy against mosquito's. You get anti mosquito candles wich you can burn or use a mosquito net on the windows or over the bed. If the nets don't work you could use those anti mosquito vapor wich you plug in. We use them during the day and switch it off at night. I don't know about the swelling of the bites. Maybe get a bite creme/gel. Oh and there is an anti mosquito body spray for children. Try asking at a pharmacy for safe good options against mosquitos and their annoying itchy bites. Good luck

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