switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding

Lindsay - posted on 03/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby is 4months old and I want to introduce the bottle but she is not having it any suggestions???


Kristen - posted on 03/19/2014




I also had a really hard time getting my son to take a bottle. He was exclusively breastfed for over 8 months, and when I started introducing a bottle (at around 6 months), in order to wean him off, he wasn't having any of it. I am glad to say that now, at just over 9 months old, he is FINALLY drinking from a bottle, has been for a few weeks now.
Here are the things I tried, hopefully something works for you too:
- I tried the "pacifier" shaped nipples first, even though he doesn't take a pacifier, I figured he played with it enough, it would be familiar to him (I think they're called "NuK")
- I also tried the Dr. Browns bottles (since my 2 yr old daughter drank from those)
- After realizing all I managed to do (after a couple of weeks of trying on and off) was him playing around with the nipple in his mouth and NOT drinking, I moved on to sippy cups
- I tried soft spouts, hard spouts, no spouts, straws. And still nothing.
- I found this "stand off" method online once I was at my wits end, and gave that a try too. Though I was a bit skeptical, seeing how it involved letting your baby go several hours without eating--even though the reviews on it often showed success for people--I tried it a couple of times, but I always gave in and just ended up breastfeeding him once I saw how unhappy he was
-Then, after weeks of trying, I decided to go and purchase all different kids of bottles with different nipples--and hoping he would take at least one of them!
- I read great reviews on this specific bottle called "BreastFlow" which people said was the perfect transition from the breast to the bottle. I managed to find it (at Winners) but unfortunately, even that didn't work for my little guy!
- I had my husband tried, when I was and wasn't around
- I had my neighbor try (at HER place, so my little guy wouldn't get discouraged with me around). But still nothing.
-Then I tried this bottle called "Born Free" with a faster flowing nipple (Level 3) and VOILA!!! It was sooo random, but THAT was the only bottle that he finally sucked on!

I really couldn't tell you why or how that bottle was different, because the nipple shape is not drastically different from all the others I tried (perhaps maybe just a little longer and softer)--it might've been the nipple, or the fast flow of milk, or that he was finally ready to move on to a bottle, I just don't know, but we haven't turned back since!

I hope that helps, and you find something for your little girl!


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VANESSA - posted on 03/19/2014




ok I know how that works my babys was the same do this put something sweet like a honey or can sweet and swipe it around the bottle tip ok and when the baby suck the bottle she gona taste the sweetnes and she will be drinking from the bottle and trya nd give the baby breastmilk and put it on the bottle

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